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City of Falls Church Police

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Kairos Prison
Ministry International

 “God doesn’t hate me, He just hates my sins.”  

             Kairos Graduate


The prison environment is a dark place, where prisoners face violence, anger, gangs, and loneliness daily.

Kairos Prison Ministry volunteers step into this darkness to hold a three ½ day weekend, with the majority of participants made up primarily of negative leaders within the prison. Through talks, discussions and Chapel meditations prisoners learn that they are worthy of God’s love, light and grace. That no matter who they are or what they have done, God forgives them.

Rev. James Page, other local ministers, and men of those congregations in Northern Virginia have spent numerous weekends with inmates in state prisons who are trying to find Jesus. It is evident that the experience is a win-win for both the incarcerated and the non-incarcerated since they all end the weekend feeling purposeful, hopeful, full of God’s love and excited about sharing their experience with others.

“When a former negative or gang leader accepts Christ, it can influence the very atmosphere of a prison for the better. As the Kairos Christian community inside a prison grows and begins to gain influence, the incidence of violence often decreases.”

Sources: U.S. Department of Justice, Prison Fellowship, Florida Department of Corrections, The Atlantic (October 2014),
Image Source: The Pew Center on the States, 2012

For more information go to the website…Kairos Prison Ministry

School Field Trip

Beech Tree Elementary School

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